Technical Design

a minute in planning saves 10 in execution

We at Rajamane Solutions take our planning seriously. Our technical design consists of 9 members solely dedicated to breathing life into your concepts using computer aided drawing software and various other 3D or 2D modelling tools. They take your ideas and make them a reality i.e. practically useable in terms of form and function, durable material choices, mass production time and production cost.


Paving the way for development

Rajamane Solutions designs your components in-house from scratch. Using advanced computer-aided modeling tools, We gather a plethora of information about size, scale, feasibility, etc. 3D modeling also allows our clients to see exactly how their product will turn out. This allows us to analyze, modify and even optimize pre-existing concepts, to improve the quality of design. Generating drawings also allows for clear communication with our customers.

Bespoke blueprints ready to deploy

While we have our own technical design team, we also support clients that bring their own fully production-ready blueprints. With over 49 years of experience, Rajamane caters to international clients in domains such as electrical & electronics, medical, automobile, and many other sectors. Armed with years of experience in design and development, our technical design team is always eager to understand your designs and take up new challenges. Our large facility allows us to guarantee a quick turnaround time and meet delivery targets, always.

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