Premium Production Process

Given Rajamane’s rich experience and knowledge, we specialize in 4 main domians of manufacturing:

  • Technical Design
  • Mould Making
  • Component manufacturing
  • Machined parts manufacturing
  • Standard products

Expertise Meets Efficiency

At Rajamane, we deliver products that meet high-performance demands. With over 49 years of experience and a multitude of talented employees, we understand the importance of identifying bottlenecks in manufacturing. Our robust work ethic further strengthens and maximizes efficiency in delivering curated products to customers around the globe. Our 20,000 sq ft facility ensures demands are met and promises are kept.

Passionately Engineered with precision

Our production center houses state-of-the-art machinery capable of solving the modern requirements of everyday engineering. We take product results very seriously and strict tolerances are assured as far as consistency is concerned. Our team assists in every step of the way, measuring every parameter and assuring 0.01mm of precision. We pour our passion into our work.

Rajamane Solutions
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No.3, Doddanakundi Industrial Area, Mahadevpura, Bangalore 560048 India
Phone: +91-80-4248-3700
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