Mould Making-old

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Once the desired concept is finalised and blueprint is ready, a plastic injection mould or a stamping mould is manufactured, to the exact specification. Moulds are hollow cavity receptacles made of solid metal, made to manufacture components and assemblies in large volumes. We provide the option for you to choose from over 20 different materials.

Stamping moulds are used to press sheets or coils of metal to form desired parts and components. We even fulfil specific thread requirements such as NPT, UNC, UNF, UNEF, etc.Our moulds are manufactured with state of the art imported modern CNC machinery, from brands such as:

  1. fgf
  2. fgfg
  3. gsg
  4. sdfsg
  5. dssd

After close communication with our clients, the mould is manufactured according to the models that have been suggested by the technical design team and approved by you. Our moulds are closely monitored during the CNC process by our engineers. Milled to perfection, our molds are guaranteed to deliver 0.01mm of accuracy. This precision is achieved by using highly advanced equipment and extremely meticulous inspection and scrutiny. This also ensures of our moulds are consistently of superior quality, and more durable.